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Outshine from Gothenburg, Sweden, is a heavy, melancholy, dark, hardrock/metal band with some grunge and gothic vibes. The band, or the concept of the band, was formed in the south of Sweden (Smålandsstenar/Gislaved) back in '96 by guitarist Jimmy Norberg and friends.

The band started off more as a studio project and they recorded a few demos between '98-'04. An EP was recorded in '05 (Memories) that got great reviews, airtime in radio (USA, Sweden, France, etc) and got the band endorsements deals. The first full length album "Bad Things Always End Bad" was released in May '07.

It has been quite a few member changes throughout the years and it wasn't until '04 that the core was put together. Outshine now consists of founder Jimmy Norberg (guitar), Erlend Jegstad (vocals) and Fredrik Kretz (drums). Between '04-'09 the bass has been handled by Thomas Josefsson (Evocation), Simon Andersson (ex-Pain Of Salvation), Richard Martos (Urbandux), Fredrik Carlsson and David Malm. On the last US tour Per Stenbeck (Shifter) helped out. Other members that has played with Outshine: Anders Carlberg (drums '98-'02, guitar '02-'07)

4 US tours has taken place from 2006 until 2009 and Outshine released their 2nd album "Until We Are Dead" April 17th 2009. The album was recorded by Svein Jensen (M.A.N, Transport League, Hide The Knives, Sister Sin, Troublemakers etc) and mastered by Göran Finnberg (The Haunted, Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames etc) and has gotten great reviews in Swedish media!

“This is comparable to TOOL, HIM and Paradise Lost and the singer Erlend Jegstad, with a voice comparable to punk-icon Billy Idol, is a real find” - 5/5 Agonyzone Magazine

“With their heaviness, their groove & fat riffs, Outshine has all the ingredients needed to scare the hell out of a poodle rocker in the dark back streets in their hometown Gothenburg” - 7/10 CLOSE-UP Magazine

“OUTSHINE sound like a live band and they really have captured that feeling in the studio. That is an achievement in itself, but this band also have the attitude and the material to become big.”- 9/10 HeavyHell

“Meanwhile, as in the phenomenal track "Riot", Outshine finds a way to express their music with such a vital & independent touch that they very well could be the "next hope in rock n roll music" - SLITZ Magazine

If you are into bands like: Paradise Lost, System Of A Down, Kyuss, Mötley Crue, HIM, Smashing Pumpkins or Hide The Knives, check out OUTSHINE!

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Bookings: or phone:+46-763-196 654

Mars 27th ´10: Värnamo stadshotell, Värnamo - Sweden w/Solitude
Mars 19th ´10: Sticky Fingers top floor, Göteborg - Sweden w/Foobar + Minora




December 18th ´09: Sm.stenar hotell, Smålandsstenar
December 4th ´09: Sticky Fingers, Göteborg
June 6th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Kenny B´s, Manitowac - WI (USA)
June 5th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Scatz, Middleton (Madison) - WI (USA)
June 4th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Planet Rock, Battle Creek - MI (USA)
June 3rd ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - The Warehouse, La Crosse - WI (USA)
June 2nd ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Elbo Room, Chicago - IL (USA)
June 1st ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Ugly Mugs, South Bend - IN (USA)
May 31st ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Champs, Sheboygan - WI (USA)
May 30th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Champs, Sheboygan - WI (USA)
May 29th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Pub On Wisconsin, Racine - WI (USA)
May 28th ´09: Until We Are Dead US Tour - Girarbaldi´s, Milwaukee - WI (USA)
May 2nd ´09: Hursti´s, Sm.stenar hotell, Smålandsstenar
April 18th ´09: Henriksberg (Showdown), Gothenburg - Official releaseparty
April 11th ´09: Byås, Hyltebruk - Grand re-opening of Byås
February 13th ´09: Fiasco, Oslo (NO) w/KITE

DECEMBER 19th ..08: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg
DECEMBER 12th ..08: Smålandsstenar Hotell, Smålandsstenar
APRIL 13th ..08: Tour Wrap Party!! Champs, Sheboygan, WI w/Carbellion
APRIL 12th ..08: Champs, Sheboygan, WI w/Carbellion
APRIL 11th ..08: The Back Bar, Janesville, WI
APRIL 10th ..08: Pub On Wisconsin, Racine, WI
APRIL 8th ..08: The Outer Limits, Middleton, WI
APRIL 7th ..08: Zad´s, Milwaukee, WI
APRIL 6th ..08: Gopher One, Port Washington, WI
APRIL 5th ..08: Club 770, Madison, WI
APRIL 4th ..08: Indie 500 Records Split CD release show, Indianapolis, IN w/Carbellion
APRIL 3rd ..08: Point East Pub, Milwaukee, WI
APRIL 2nd ..08: Northern Lights Lounge, Detroit, MI
APRIL 1st ..08: The Modern Exchange, Southgate (Detroit), MI
MARCH 29th ..08: Club Toxic, Green Bay, WI
MARCH 28th ..08: Vnuk´s Lounge, Cuhudy, WI w/Carbellion
MARCH 27th ..08: Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL
MARCH 26th ..08: Radioapperance @ Fearless Radio, Chicago, IL
MARCH 25th ..08: The Night Owl, Dayton, OH
MARCH 24th ..08: The Blue Note, Cincinnati, OH
MARCH 23rd ..08: The Reptile Palace, Osh Kosh, WI
MARCH 22nd ..08: Doyle´s, Minneapolis, MN
MARCH 21st ..08: Radio Apperance Sheboygan, WI
MARCH 20th ..08: Doubles, Green Bay, WI
MARCH 15th ..08: Smålandsstenar Hotel, Smålandsstenar
MARCH 7th ..08: Gisleparken, Gislaved

November 14th ´07: Club Centurion@Wish Club, Gothenburg
October 26th ´07: Amplifier, Oslo (NO)
September 16th ´07: Legends, Addison, IL (US)
September 15th ´07: Champs, Sheboygan, WI (US)
September 14th ´07: Badger Theater, Reedsburg, WI (US)
September 13th ´07: Warehouse, La Crosse WI (US)
September 12th ´07: The Rock, Maplewood (Minneapolis), MN (US)
September 9th ´07: Finney´s, Kenosha WI (US)
September 8th ´07: The Stones Throw, Eau Claire, WI (US)
September 6th ´07: Club Tavern, Middleton, WI (US)
September 5th´07: The Klinic, Madison, WI (US)
September 2nd ´07: Jamie Damrow’s B-Day outdoor Fiesta 2007, Milwaukee, WI (US)
September 1st ´07: Nite Caps, Chicago, MI (US)
August 31th ´07: The Dr. Office, West Allis (Milwaukee), WI (US)
August 30th ´07: The Klinic, Madison, WI (US)
August 27th ´07: The Modern Exchange, Southgate (Detroit), MI (US)
August 25th ´07: Simon´s, Allen Park (Detroit), MI (US)
August 24th ´07: The Ritz, Warren, MI (US)
August 18th ´07: Lipz, Trollhättan
August 17th ´07: Diamond Dogs, Gothenburg
August 16th ´07: Amplifier, Oslo (NO)
August 1st ´07: Grand opening of Club Centurion@WISHCLUB, Gothenburg
July 27th ´07: The Storm, Leicester Square, London (UK)
July 1st ´07: Diamond Dogs, Gothenburg
May 24th ´07: Release party at RESPEKT, Gothenburg
April 29th ´07: Diamond Dogs, Gothenburg w

December 1st ´06: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg
November 11th ´06: I-Rock Night club, Detroit MI (US)
November 10th ´06: Bobby Rockets, Lyons, WI (US)
November 9th ´06: Temple club, Lansing, MI (US)
November 7th ´06: The Modern Exchange, Southgate, Detroit MI (US)
November 5th ´06: The Guitar bar, Milwaukee, WI (US)
November 4th ´06: The Guitar bar, Milwaukee, WI (US)
November 3rd ´06: The Warehouse, La Crosse, WI (US)
November 2nd ´06: Bobby Rockets, Lyons, WI (US)
October 31st ´06: Hattrix, Kenosha, WI (US)
October 28th ´06: Champs rock bar, Sheboygan, WI (US)
October 27th ´06: New Dodge Lounge, Hamtramck, Detroit MI (US)
September 2nd ´06: Smålandsstenar festivalen, Sm.stenar
June 9th ´06: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg
June 3rd ´06: Gamla, Oslo (NO)
April 7th ´06: Henriksberg, Gothenburg
March 24th ´06: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg

December 8th ´05: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg
December 2nd ´05: Gamla, Oslo (NO)
October 29th ´05: Sm.stenar Hotel, Sm.stenar
September 17th ´05: Club Krakow, Gothenburg
June 3rd ´05: Sm.stenar Hotel, Sm.stenar
May 13th ´05: Musikens Hus, Gothenburg
March 3rd ´05: Cronan, N. Hamngatan 10, Gothenburg
January 27th ´05: Henriksberg, Gothenburg

December 9th ´04: Cronan, N. Hamngatan 10, Gothenburg
November 6th ´04: The Mansion, Weiselgrensgatan 38, Gothenburg
May 29th ´04: The Mansion, Weiselgrensgatan 38, Gothenburg

August ´99: Augustirocken, Gislaved w/The Burning Flames, Superdice, Members Of Tinnitus, etc.

October ´96: Cupolen, Värnamo
June ´96: Folkets hus, Bredaryd
February ´96: Björkhultet, Värnamo

December 31st ´95: Hemvärnsgården, Sm.stenar