Dead Tree Music was founded 2005 by Jimmy Norberg and works with Artist branding & development, graphical design, management and tours.

Dead Tree Music works with a start-to-finish concept. That includes all the important aspects for launching a new artist or releasing a new CD, music video or website. We integrate physical and digital distribution, promotion, photography, music videos, recording studios and mastering studios, recording techniques, live performance and more.

Our goal is to make the launching of your music as professional as possible!


February 19th ´11:

Well-known metal critic Mattias Kling at Swedish Aftonbladet ranks Minora as one of five upcoming bands to keep your eyes on! Minora is also back on Aftonbladets Myspace top chart as #7.

DTM is now collaborating with photographer Pontus Fagerstedt. Check out his pics at

February 9th ´11:
OUTSHINE is entering the studio today to start recording their not yet titled new album.
The first single from the upcoming album along with a video will be released April or May 2011.
Upcoming OUTSHINE gigs:
April 2nd TBA
April 8th Pub Anchor, Stockholm
April 9th Pub Anchor, Stockholm
April 29th TBA
April 30th Italia, Lidköping
May 6th Backstage Rock Bar, Trollhättan w/ BEATALLICA
May 7th Sigges, Gislaved w/ BULLET
May 8th TBA
May 28th TBA
July 28th TBA

MONOSCREAM is playing Belsepub in Gothenburg now on Saturday February 12th, be there!

Dead Tree Music and the rock club ROCK ATTACK @ Stars n Bars join forces and from here on DTM artists will be played at Rock Attack events!

More dates and info coming soon!

January 26th ´11:
MINORA are releasing their debut album "Imago" now on Friday Jan. 28th. Release party @ Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg the same night.

En Svensk Tiger has signed with Dead Tree Music and the plan is to release their brnad new single "Generation Y" (produced with Kapten Röd) during 2011.

Upcoming releases 2011:
March 25th: Saturday Night's Strike - Saturday Night's Strike (album) through Sound Pollution/Dead Tree Music
Datum TBA: Devilicious - The Asylum Gospels (album)
Datum TBA: Monoscream - Redemption (album)
Datum TBA: En Svensk Tiger - Generation Y (singel)
Datum TBA: Outshine - TBA (singel)
Datum TBA: GrandExit - TBA (album)
Datum TBA: Jenny Stoned - Jenny Stoned (EP)
Datum TBA: The Incarnation - Possessed By The Bizarre (EP)
Datum TBA: Kingston Air Force - Things That Go Ping In The Night (album)

Deathshine and Dead Tree Music has gone seperate ways. DTM wishes the band all the best in the future.

October 23rd ´10:
Minora brand new video, Saturday Night´s Strike releaseparty and Outshine on Sticky Fingers presenting new material!

MINORA has released their brand new video to the single "A New Dawn", check it out HERE! The plan is to have a release party for the new album at Sticky Fingers i January 2011. More info soon.

SATURDAY NIGHT`S STRIKE will have a release party at Sticky Fingers Saturday December 11th celebrating the release of "Saturday Night´s Strike"

OUTSHINE will play a gig at Sticky Fingers Saturday Novemeber 27th at Sticky Fingers. The brand will present 6 new song for their upcoming new yet untitled album.

September 24th ´10:
Minora #1 and Solitude #2 at Aftonbladets Myspace Top-chart, Benevolent release party, DTM against racism

Dead Tree Music statement: Where is Sweden heading after electing SD (Sverigedemokraterna) into our government? DTM is strongly against any kind of racism.

Todays Aftonbladet newspaper was really nice to read since both Dead Tree Music artists MINORA (#1) and SOLITUDE (#2) on the top chart!

Benevolent will have their release party for the new EP "Evolve" at Belsepub, Henriksberg, Gothenburg on Saturday November 27th.

September 16th ´10:
OUTSHINE new myspace design, launch of single and video and new bass player!

Dead Tree Music has done a brand new myspace site for OUTSHINE:

We are currently also working on releasing the album "Until We Are Dead" in the UK and Europe and the album is getting great reviews.

Dead Tree Music are, together with Sound Pollution Distribution, also launching the video for the single "Love for the music" towards radio, TV and press in Europe, check out the video here:

September 10th ´10:
SOLITUDE #2 and MINORA #4 in todays AFTONBLADET Myspace Top-chart!!

SOLITUDE - foto: Tomas Johansson
Todays Aftonbladet newspaper was really nice to read since both Dead Tree Music artists SOLITUDE (#2) och MINORA (#4) are on the top chart!
SOLITUDE released the great EP:n "The Revival" in April and has been on the top-10 chart more or less the whole period between April and September 2010. Listen to the awesome single "Last Division" at their Myspace!
MINORA released the brand new single "A New Dawn" this week and the rushed up to #4 the first week! Listen to the new single here:

//Jimmy - Dead Tree Music

September 9th ´10:
Brand new design done by Dead Tree Music!

Dead Tree Music did a artist branding with Swedish pop act THE FRUITANIMALS. They will perform tomorrow September 9th on Swedish television channel TV4 when they fool around in the music program IDOL.

Dead Tree Music has designed cover artwork, myspace design, logo, photos (Tomas Johansson) and digital distribution. The brand new myspace is launched today, check it out HERE!

August 30th ´10: New single by Kingston Air Force

Kingston Air Force releases a brand new single "Grace Surrender" from their upcoming album "Things that go ping in the night". Listen to it HERE!
A release party will take place Saturday September 25th at Sticky Fingers - Top floor. More info at

August 15th ´10: New collaboration and upcoming gig

Outshine and Solitude will do a gig at Sigge´s Loge in Bäckshult/Gislaved Saturday September 4th. The gig is the first step in the collaboration between Dead Tree Music and Sigge´s Loge regarding events during 2010 and 2011. More info at

August 6th ´10: New signings

Dead Tree Music are proud to announce the signings of DEVILICIOUS (Gbg) and GRANDEXIT (Västerås) to Dead Tree Music rosters! More info about releases will posted soon. Further news is that Dead Tree Music and The Deadists has parted ways.

July 23rd ´10: Great OUTSHINE reviews, ONE WITHOUT in studio, SOLITUDE on Aftonbladet Myspacetoppen and THE INCARNATION new myspace design

has gotten great reviews in European press:

(USA) 7/10 - MUSICAHEAVY (ESP) 8/10
(POL) 4/5 - MEDAZZAROCK (CH/GER) 7.5/10
Swedish reviews can be seen here - AGONYZONE (SWE) 5/5 - SLAVE TO METAL (SWE) 8/10 - CLOSE-UP (SWE) 7/10 - SLITZ (SWE) 3/5

Outshine will also do a promotional boost in the UK, together with promotion company ElevenPR. More info about this soon.

One Without are currently recording their second album. Mixing will be done by Mattias Wänerstam, (Avatar och Within Y) and mastering will be done by Dragan Tanaskovic (Mustach, Europe, In Flames and Evergrey). Some other big news will be posted soon, so stay tuned for more info.

Solitude are back on Aftonbladets Myspacetoppen, great news!

The Incarnation has released a brand new myspace site, check it out here! Their upcoming brand new EP "Possessed by the Bizarre" will be released this fall.

June 22nd ´10: Dead Tree Music gigs announced!
Dead Tree Music presents:

More info at:

June 9th ´10: David Castello are mixing Minora´s debut album and Dead Tree Music at Metaltown in Gothenburg!
We are proud to inform you that David Castello (Katatonia, Opeth, Bloodbath) will be mixing and mastering Minora´s debut album. Also, Dead Tree Music will be represented at Metaltown festival in Gothenburg on June 18th and 19th!

May 28th ´10: Musikverkstan, Göteborg new collaboration partner

Dead Tree Music and Musikverkstan in Gothenburg, Sweden will collaborate with instruments, tuning, gear and technical support when we work with studio recordings, live shos etc.

May 19th ´10: One Without signs management deal!

One Without signs a management deal for their upcoming second album as well for their first album "Thoughts of a secluded mind".

The band will go on a European tour 2010:
June 11th ´10: TBA, London - UK
June 10th ´10: De Klinker, Aarschot - Belgium
June 9th ´10: Nouveau Casino, Paris - France
June 8th ´10: La Laiterie, Strasbourg - France
June 6th ´10: Baroeg, Rotterdam - Netherlands
June 2nd ´10: Apolo 2, Barcelona - Spain
May 30th ´10: Z7, Pratteln - Switzerland
May 29th ´10: Rock Planet, Ravenna - Italy

May 11th ´10: Kingston Air Force and Jenny Stoned signs with DTM!

Dead Tree Music is really proud to announce that we will work together with Kingston Air Force on their upcoming new album. The release is planned in September 2010, more info regarding this will be released soon.

We have also proud to announce the signing of Jenny Stoned from Gothenburg. An upcoming new EP will be recorded at Grand Recordings and the release is planned during fall 2010.

Dead Tree Music will have a show with Jenny Stoned at Sticky Fingers on Friday May 21st we´re we´ll present other bands and news on the label.

Free entrance until 22, on stage at 0030.

April 26th ´10: Wolfwerk Management new collaboration partner, Outshine releases album in Europe, great reviews and Junction Skies sings with DTM!

Wolfwerk Management and Dead Tree Music will start collaborating with bands, releases and bookings. Wolfwerk is based in Stockholm, Sweden and more info about this willbe posted soon.

Outshine released their album "Until We Are Dead" in Europe April 16th together with Sound Pollution and Metal Revelation.
They also launched a brand new merchandise store, check it out here! You can also find reviews and other stuff at Outshine official Myspace

The Deadists has gotten great reviews in Swedish and American press, check out the reviews here: Criticalmass - 6/10 - Earth Dog promotions - 9/10

We´re proud to announce that Swedish gothic rock/J-rock act Junction Skies has signed a artist branding deal with us. More info and release dates will be announced soon.

March 26th ´10: Solitude #1 on Aftonbladet Myspacetoppen, Outshine on Radio Bandit and TV6, Carbellion great review in Criticalmass!
We´re proud to announce that Swedish metal act SOLITUDE went up to #1 on Aftonbladets Myspacetoppen this week!

Outshine did a radioshow at Radio Bandit Gothenburg Friday March 19th. They performed a few songs on the show and Swedish TV6 filmed it. Check it out here: Outshine @ TV6 Rivstart

Carbellion was review in Swedish Criticalmass (8/10), check out the great review here Carbellion review @ Criticalmass

February 22nd ´10: New signings
A couple of new bands has joined the Dead Tree Music roster: Minora,
Saturday Nights Strike and Modern Caveman

We will have a Dead Tree Music showcase at Sticky Fingers Top Floor on friday March 19th. Outshine, Foobar the band and Minora will play and we will present Dead Tree Music bands and collaboration partners.

January 18th ´10: New signings
A couple of new bands has joined the Dead Tree Music roster. Also check the Shows&Tours section for all upcoming shows.

New bands on Dead Tree Music:

The Deadists from Gothenburg, Sweden

Benevolent from Gothenburg, Sweden

The Incarnation (ex-Dead by Dawn) from Gothenburg, Sweden

The Sky and the Execution from Milwaukee, USA

More info about the bands soon.

December 15th ´09: Deathshine joins the Dead Tree Music family!
Death metal act Deathshine from Lidköping, Sweden joins the Dead Tree Music family! They´ll release a full length album spring 2010. More info about them soon.

November 25th ´09: New signings and brand new video!
Check out Outshine´s brand new video for "Love For The Music" shot by our collaboration partner 11 Frames

Melodic Metal act Solitude from Värnamo, Småland and Death/Trash Metal band Monoscream from Stockholm joins the Dead Tree Music family! More info about them soon.

November 4th ´09: New collaboration partner!

Knattes Production - Sound and lighting systems for live performance, music videos and events will work with Dead Tree Music´s bands and their upcoming shows. They also provided the lighting for Outshine´s upcoming music video for "Love for the music".

Outshine will do a show at Sticky Fingers on friday December 4th.

September 12th ´09: Wicked to release new EP "MMIX" on klicktrack!
Wicked releases their new EP "MMIX" at klicktrack/Dead Tree Music.

Download mp3´s here!

July 21st ´09: Another co-partner!

GBG Performance from Gothenburg is a new collaboration partners. They work with American musclecars from the 50´s, 60´s and 70´s and will help out with photoshoots, videos and so. Check them out!

Some more myspace layouts done as well:

July 12th ´09: New collaboration partners!
Dead Tree Music will from now on collaborate with Grand Recordings, stationed in the center of Gothenburg. They work with recordings, mixing and mastering. Sven Jensen at GR is a great studio technician and producer and have worked with bands like M.A.N., Hide The Knives, Charta 77, On Parole, Chillihounds, Generous Maria, Transport League, Outshine, Troublemakers, Sister Sin etc. Check the Grand Recordings website for more info!

Also, the much talented photographer OLOF STENLUND, who has worked with Outshine on both US tours, swedish gigs, CD artwork photos etc and HELLSONGS to mention some work, will work with Dead Tree Music artists!

Some new artwork and covers under design.

June 16th ´09: Outshine up on SPOTIFY
Outshine´s new album is now up on Spotify!

June 15th ´09: Brand new MYSPACE-SITE for Dead Tree Music and Outshine at P3 Rockster!
We have launched a brand new Dead Tree Music site on myspace, check it out HERE

Outshine is now played on a daily basis at P3 Rockster!

June 11th ´09: Wicked signs with Dead Tree Music!
We have signed Metal act Wicked from Gothenburg Sweden to a single-deal. Single "Gospel Of Sickness" will be released in a few weeks.

April 15th ´09: Outshine US-tour dates 2009
Check out the tourdates for Outshine upcoming US tour!

March 27th ´09: Great reviews for Outshine´s "Until We Are Dead"!!

Check out the great reviews Outshine has received in Swedish media.

March 21st ´09: Dead Tree Music will release Outshine´s new album through Soundpollution

Dead Tree music will sign a distribution-deal with Soundpollution for Outshine´s upcoming album "Until We Are Dead". Official releasedate is set to April 17th in Sweden!
You can buy the album digital HERE!

March 5th ´09: Outshine goes on 4th US tour in May/June ´09
Outshine is going on a 4th US tour in May/June ´09. Check out the progress on their MYSPACE SITE.

February 11th ´09: Dead Tree Music to collaborate with Triada Promotion
We will do a collaboration with Triada Promotion for the promotion work with Outshine´s upcoming album "Until We Are Dead".

November 5th ´08: Recordings finished!
Outshine is done with the recordings of the upcoming album. Great work by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings (M.A.N, Transport League, Troublemakers, etc), and the sound is really heavy! Göran Finnberg (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, etc) will master the album.

June 15th ´08: Recordings goes as scheduled
Outshine is working on the new album "Until We Are Dead" and everything is working out great. The plan is to be finished during fall ´08.

May 13th ´08: The tour went great and a new album in progress
Outshine 3rd US tour went well and we´re working on getting in to this years SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee. Outshine is now working on their 2nd album. The recordings will start May 22nd at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg.

March 10th ´08: New Outshine US tour in progress!!
Outshine is heading for their 3rd US tour set to be between March 18th and April 14th. Check out the dates below:
Saturday MARCH 15th ..08: Smålandsstenar Hotel, Smålandsstenar
Wednesday MARCH 19th ..08: TBA
Thursday MARCH 20th ..08: The California Coalhouse, Antioch, IL
Friday MARCH 21st ..08: TBA
Saturday MARCH 22nd ..08: Doyle´s, Minneapolis, MN
Sunday MARCH 23rd ..08: The Reptile Palace, Osh Kosh, WI
Monday MARCH 24th ..08: The Blue Note, Cincinnati, OH
Tuesday MARCH 25th ..08: The Night Owl, Dayton, OH
Wednesday MARCH 26th ..08: Radioapperance @ Fearless Radio, Chicago, IL
Thursday MARCH 27th ..08: Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL
Friday MARCH 28th ..08: Vnuk´s Lounge, Cuhudy, WI w/Carbellion
Saturday MARCH 29th ..08: TBA
Sunday MARCH 30th ..08: TBA
Monday MARCH 31st ..08: TBA
Tuesday APRIL 1st ..08: The Modern Exchange, Southgate (Detroit), MI
Wednesday APRIL 2nd ..08: Northern Lights Lounge, Detroit, MI
Thursday APRIL 3rd ..08: Point East Pub, Milwaukee, WI
Friday APRIL 4th ..08: Indie 500 Records Split CD release show, Indianapolis, IN w/Carbellion
Saturday APRIL 5th ..08: Club 770, Madison, WI
Sunday APRIL 6th ..08: Gopher One, Port Washington, WI
Monday APRIL 7th ..08: Zad´s, Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday APRIL 8th ..08: The Outer Limits, Middleton, WI w/TBA
Wednesday APRIL 9th ..08: TBA
Thursday APRIL 10th ..08: Pub On Wisconsin, Racine, WI w/TBA
Friday APRIL 11th ..08: The Back Bar, Janesville, WI w/TBA
Saturday APRIL 12th ..08: Champs, Sheboygan, WI w/Carbellion
Sunday APRIL 13th ..08: Tour Wrap Party!! Champs, Sheboygan, WI w/Carbellion

November 5th ´07: Check out DTM Design

I´ve several jobs regarding webdesign, layouts, graphic design and product engineering. Check it out here.

November 4th ´07: Outshine US tour went great!
Outshine were out on their second US tour during Aug-Sept. It went great and a 3rd tour is planned in March/April ´08. We´ve recorded to singles from the forthcoming unnamned new album as well. Ready in a few weeks.

July 12th ´07: Booking agent for Club Centurion@WISHCLUB!
I´ve started to work as a booking agent for the upcoming new rock club in Gothenburg: Club Centurion@WISHCLUB! The grand opening is set to August 1st and as opener: Mighty THE HAUNTED!! Support acts: Outshine and Savage Heart. Read more here.

July 11th ´07: Outshine US tour 2007 dates and autumn dates!
Here´s the dates set in stone for the fall ´07. More dates are in progress...
July 27th ´07: The Storm, Leicester Square, London (UK) w/TBA
August 1st ´07: Grand opening of WishClub ROCK!! WishClub, Gothenburg w/THE HAUNTED and Savage Heart
August 16th ´07: Amplifier, Oslo (Norway) w/Fuelhead and Supermonkey
August 17th ´07: ?, Gothenburg w/Fuelhead and Supermonkey
August 18th ´07: Lipz, Trollhättan w/Fuelhead and Supermonkey
Outshine US tour 2007: Bad end tour
August 24th ´07: Simon´s, Allen Park (Detroit), MI w/TBA
August 30th ´07: The Klinic, Madison, WI w/TBA
August 31th ´07: The Dr. Office, West Allis (Milwaukee), WI w/Carbellion
September 1st ´07: Nite Caps, Chicago, IL w/The Dogs Divine
September 12th ´07: The Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN w/TBA
September 14th ´07: Badger Theater, Reedsburg, WI w/TBA
September 15th ´07: Champs, Sheboygan, WI w/Carbellion

June 8th ´07: Buy the new album "BAD THINGS ALWAYS END BAD"
Buy the new album "BAD THINGS ALWAYS END BAD" here!
Check out the trailer for the upcoming US tour documentary "STATE OF OUTSHINE" (in swedish)

May 14th ´07: Outshine releaseparty May 24th!
We´ll arrange a big releaseparty for the new OUTSHINE album "BAD THINGS ALWAYS END BAD" at Club Respekt, Järntorget 7 in Gothenburg, Thursday May 24th.
The band also gives you a preview for the upcoming US tour documentary.
You get the new album and some other goodies with the entrance fee!
Support: Maris Bon (Sthlm, The Kid-vocalist Mary-Anne Norberg).
Where: Respekt, Järntorget 7, Gothenburg
doors: 21:00
Cost : 100 SEK including the new album. Get the flyer here! (in Swedish)
Listen and check out the cover here.
(in collaboration with FOT Eventbyrå)

March 6th ´07:
Dead tree music will promote heavy rockers Carbellion (US) in Europe!

February 28th ´07:
Our website is finally launched!

Check out Outshine (SWE) , a great upcoming band that is soon to release their debut album!